Why pay for Zoom when you can use ConnectHub for free?

Grow your business with sleek technology that keeps your company connected. With ConnectHub you can use any browser to start, invite and host real-time on demand meetings.

ConnectHub Features

Modern Video Conferencing
Share your desktop, presentations, and more - With an intuitive interface that can help you express your ideas and point of view clearly with ease.
Invite with Link
Invite guests with just a link - We don’t force users to download an application. They can just join from any desktop browser.
Integrated Chat
We all know what this is and yes it comes built in.
HD Quality Audio
Static free clear and crisp audio to help you get business done efficiently.
No Guest Accounts Needed
Save steps, confusion and time without requiring your guests to download an application before being able to attend your meeting.
Working Remotely?
Gain access to a MasterClass knowledge-base of videos that reveal the secrets to growing remote companies.

Business Software Tools

Redeem your SpendHub Software credits for these cutting edge business tools to power your companies growth while saving you money.

Eliminate costly subscription and licensing fees and level up your companies technology capabilities.


conduct virtual one-way interviews anytime, anywhere

$350 /mo
5 slots at a time included


Eliminates YouTube & Vimeo branding and removes ads on all your videos

$250 /mo
Fair usage applies


The ultimate corporate card program that comes with over $150K of cash rewards.

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