HD Video conferencing. Security, flexiblity, and completely free.

Grow your business with sleek technology that keeps your company connected. With ConnectHub you can use any browser to start, invite and host real-time on demand meetings.

ConnectHub Features

Modern Video Conferencing

Share your desktop, presentations, and more - With an intuitive interface that can help you express your ideas and point of view clearly with ease.

Invite with Link

Invite guests with just a link - We don’t force users to download an application. They can just join from any desktop browser.

Integrated Chat

We all know what this is and yes it comes built in.

HD Quality Audio

Static free clear and crisp audio to help you get business done efficiently.

No Guest Accounts Needed

Save steps, confusion and time without requiring your guests to download an application before being able to attend your meeting.


All communication is securely encrypted for safe and reliable private meetings.

Business Grade for Free

Free - Business grade teleconferencing solution at, well, no cost!

Get back to business with these powerful digital tools

Hub-Suite offers 5 cutting edge tools to help your company thrive and compete effectively.


Create budgets, manage employee spending, and issue customized corporate cards. SpendHub’s integrated software uses unprecedented controls and features to manage it all.


Create and post job openings online to attract the best candidates. RecruitHub allows candidates to complete one-way video interviews and your hiring teams to collaborate, review, and hire with ease.


Produce professional, interactive videos to market your business. With AdHub’s technology, you can make your existing video assets more engaging with a variety of built-in options.


Deliver 24/7, interactive digital training and automated onboarding content for your employees. TrainingHub’s intuitive platform makes it a snap for your employees to develop their job skills.


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