COVID born, virtual 1‑way anytime, anyplace interview software.

The video platform that automates the interview or meet and greet process. Eliminate scheduling bottlenecks all together and much more.

Interviewer Benefits

One-way Video Interviews
Create a continuous interview or meet and greet flow by allowing people to record their answers to your questions on their own time.
Time Savings and Convenience
Eliminate scheduling and phone interviews, and review peoples responses at your own convenience.
Consistent Interview Process
Everyone answers the same questions and under the same conditions, which makes it easier for you to compare and analyze responses.
Interview Sharing
Get feedback faster by sharing interviews with other people and get feedback faster.
Personalized Experience
Create a strong and memorable impression on people by adding your company’s branding to your video interviewing pages.
Videos Worth A Million Words
Experience the human personality. Learn quickly how a person communicates and articulates their thoughts or point of view before you engage. Saving everyone time & money.

The Interview Experience Itself

Flexible Process
Record your interview on your own time, as your schedule permits.
No Geographical Restrictions
Interview no matter the location. Giving you the flexibility to complete the interview wherever you are on the world.
Decreased Stress
Taking the time to relax and prepare your responses prior to recording them will help ensure you show yourself in the best light.
Faster Response Times
One-way video interviews help streamline the interview process for anyone looking at establishing a working relationship.

Working Remotely?

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Replaces Zoom & GoToMeeting

$400 /mo
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Eliminates YouTube & Vimeo branding and removes ads on all your videos

$250 /mo
Fair usage applies


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