Manage spending with real time control & flexibility

Issue corporate cards, set departmental budgets, and monitor employee spending with SpendHub’s integrated software that automates and manages it all for you. With built-in controls and flexibility, you can continue to conduct your business seamlessly.

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Control employee spending and eliminate employee expense reports altogether.

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Watch how this CEO saves $300k per year using SpendHub and Hub-Suite.

Card Features and Benefits


The entire out of the box solution is at no cost to you. We make our money splitting the existing interchange fees charged to merchants on the Visa network.

Physical & virtual cards

Order physical cards for your employees & create unlimited virtual credit cards for on-line purchases.

Real time receipt capture

Use the mobile app to take a pic of your receipt. SpendHub categorizes each transaction for reporting and accounting purposes.

No interest or foreign transaction fees

Use your physical and virtual cards where and when you need them without any additional fees.

Fraud protection

With the industry leading fraud technology of the Visa network and the use of SpendHub virtual credit cards, you achieve the ultimate fraud protection.

Rewards & add-ons

Earn up to $100K in SpendHub dollars on your first year spending and access Hub-Suite's business solutions to innovate and amplify your operations.

Ultimate controls

Manage your T&E at scale with admin controls, provisioning, and granular reporting. Get a comprehensive view of spending across your entire organization with robust card management tools.

Seamless integrations

Automatically sync transactions, including categories & receipts, using our Xero and Quickbooks Online integrations. With SpendHub's Zapier integration, connect to 1000's of external systems.

Exclusive SaaS solutions

Take advantage of our exclusive suite of tools for your online video conferencing, employee training, recruiting, and marketing needs.


Categorize expenses at the time of purchase.

It’s easy for employees to manage their spending from SpendHub’s mobile app. At the time of purchase, your employee simply tags which team and category the expense applies to, adds notes, uploads an image of the receipt, and submits. The transaction automatically uploads to your SpendHub where it can be accessed when needed.


Request and approve spend increases in seconds.

There may be times when your employee needs to spend over a set limit. It literally takes just a few seconds for approval. With the SpendHub mobile app, the employee sends a spend request and the team manager receives an alert from a push notification. The manager can then approve or decline the request.

How SpendHub Compares

Comparison Chart
Extensive Budgeting and Expense Tools
Accounting Integrations: Xero and Quickbooks Online
Integration to over 2000+ applications via Zapier
Business Grade Software Tools: Video Conferencing, Employee Training, Virtual Recruiting, Video Sales & Marketing
Receipt Capture and Matching
Real-Time Expense Tracking
Automated Spend Controls
Per Transaction Spending Limits for Virtual/Physical Cards
Allow Over Budget for Physical Cards
Automated Expense Reports
Custom Branding & Color Schemes
Rewards/Cash Back
Customer Support
Free Virtual Cards
Fraud Protection
No Foreign Transaction Fees
0% Interest
No Annual Fee
Requirements to Qualify
U.S. based business, connection to US based bank account
credit report, financial information, public or private company
credit report, financial information, public or private company
$2 million bank balance
personal credit history
No Personal Guarantee

Hub-Suite Pricing

Hub-Suite generates revenue from each transaction made in its flagship SpendHub platform. Because of this, we’re able to offer our four additional products to you at a reduced rate.

virtual & physical cards
unlimited users


a part of Hub-Suite
with SpendHub account


a part of Hub-Suite
with SpendHub account


a part of Hub-Suite
based on usage
contact us for pricing


a part of Hub-Suite

Get back to business with these powerful digital tools

Hub-Suite offers 5 cutting edge tools to help your company thrive and compete effectively.


Create and post job openings online to attract the best candidates. RecruitHub allows candidates to complete one-way video interviews and your hiring teams to collaborate, review, and hire with ease.


Conduct business in a virtual meeting environment, without costly monthly subscription costs. ConnectHub’s cloud-based platform is easy and reliable.


Produce professional, interactive videos to market your business. With AdHub’s technology, you can make your existing video assets more engaging with a variety of built-in options.


Deliver 24/7, interactive digital training and automated onboarding content for your employees. TrainingHub’s intuitive platform makes it a snap for your employees to develop their job skills.


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