Card + Spend Management Software For Freelancers

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Simplify & Save On Taxes
We've made capturing personal vs business expenses a breeze. In real-time, automatically from your mobile phone or desktop. Helping you capture all deductions and pay less taxes.
Instant Rewards
Earn immediate cashback on all your purchases. Absolutely every purchase with no fine print limits!
Virtual Cards
Create virtual cards for subscriptions or on-line purchases only. Helps protect you from subscriptions over billing you, or billing you at all when your trial ends!
Know Your Spend
Do you spend too much on coffee? Report insights tell you how much money your business is spending vs life expenses.
Mobile Payments
Add your SpendHub card to Apple or Google Pay and leave the wallet at home.
No Fees. Period.
No annual fees, no foreign transaction fees and accepted worldwide where Visa is accepted.
Works with Your Current Bank
SpendHub works with over 300+ USA Banks so you don't need to change banks.
Integrations Included
We've integrated into over 2,000 software tools. Like Quickbooks and Xero. Helping your accountant reduce their time spent on year-end taxes.
No Credit Checks
Applying for the the card does not effect your credit score.

Plus exclusive Tech PERKS

SpendHub's additional capabilities help freelancers grow their business while saving money

HD Video Conferencing Included
SpendHub replaces your costly Zoom or GoToMeeting subscriptions. Get ultra clear HD audio & video with screen share capabilities and much more.
Land More Jobs
SpendHubs exclusive video resume helps you land more jobs by standing out and being able to express your self through video to attract the right type of client.
Qualify Prospects Better
SpendHub helps you qualify your prospects better and stay away from problematic or hard to work with people with an industry first, video intake meet & greet that you customize.

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