Removes YouTube or Vimeo branding and eliminates ads on all your business videos.

VideoHub creates high impact videos for mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Simple drag-n-drop video builder creates high-impact creative tags for your websites. No coding or Photoshop experience required.

Features That Power Scalable, High Impact Creative

Full Video Encoding and Transcoding
Multiple video formats, bitrates and sizes so that playback on any device will be fast and high quality. Formats include mp4, 3gp, flv and jsv+mp3.
Eliminates YouTube & Vimeo Branding
Your videos will not have any branding but yours. There is also no commercials or ad interruptions while your video plays.
Rich Interactivity Options
Add one or multiple touch points to any video. Drive immersive product engagement with a fully interactive video end card.
The Most Video Ad Formats
Supports In-stream, Pre-roll, Interstitial, Out-stream along with Ad Tags for VPAID, MRAID, IFRAME & JavaScript.
Drag-n-Drop Video Builder
No complicated design tools to learn. Just drag and drop your creative assets into one of our many popular or custom formats, grab the auto-generated tags and you're done.
Detailed Reporting
Track more than just clicks and views. Every quartile, touch, swipe and custom gesture is tracked in the reporting dashboard. Also includes popular VPAID and MRAID event reporting.

Built for Mobile.

Our platform was built from the ground up to flexibly support mobile and multiscreen video adelivery across non-homogenous networks, apps and connected devices. No retro-fitted desktop tech or proprietary APIs here!


Popular Video Ad Formats.

Access a variety of pre-tested high interactive video formats for In Stream, Pre-Roll, Interstitial, Mobile Web, Native and In Feed placements. Or easily add your own custom ad units. It's a plug-in video product line.

Business Software Tools

Redeem your SpendHub Software credits for these cutting edge business tools to power your companies growth while saving you money.

Eliminate costly subscription and licensing fees and level up your companies technology capabilities.


Replaces Zoom & GoToMeeting

$400 /mo
40 licenses included


conduct virtual one-way interviews anytime, anywhere

$350 /mo
5 slots at a time included


The ultimate corporate card program that comes with over $150K of cash rewards.

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